Bernardo Brandi, conte di Valbrandi

Savoyard soldier and courtier with Spanish sympathies


SR 12

Captaincy – Master


Bernardo Brandi inherited the contea di Valbrandi near Nizza in 1612, at the age of fifteen, while serving as a cadet in a tercio in Flanders. Brandi maintained his family’s close ties to Spain, and he is an outspoken opponent of alliance with the French.

Arrogant and vain, Brandi is also known for his keen wit and sharp tongue. A gentleman of the principe di Piemonte’s chamber and a knight of the Annunziata , Brandi was offered command of a battalion of cuirassiers for the war with Genoa, an honor he pointedly declined.

Brandi is reputed to have killed a rival in a duel. His uncle, Nicolo Brandi, is the Savoyard ambassador to the grand duke of Tuscany.

Bernardo Brandi, conte di Valbrandi

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