Catherine de Montchèvre

Eldest daughter of the vicomte de Praz-de-Lys


SR 8


The eldest child and only daughter of the vicomte de Praz-de-Lys, Catherine de Montchèvre attended an Ursuline convent school in Torino before moving to Paris with her family in 1624. Her father expects to find her an advantageous French marriage, while her mother holds out for a Genoese or Spanish match. To all appearances, Catherine appears ambivalent about either prospect.

Catherine (b. 1610), called Caterina by her mother, is a young beauty, favoring her mother’s Ligurian features. She is presently a lady-in-waiting to the princesse de Carignan, sister of the comte de Soissons.

Catherine de Montchèvre

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