Fra' Phillipe de Saint-Cassien, chevalier de Didonne

Knight of Malta


SR 9

Horsemanship- Master
Italian style – Master


Younger son of a Bourgignon noble family, Phillipe de Saint-Cassien joined the Knights of Malta in 1619, participating in the raid on Susa that year. As a caravaner he participated in raids on Castel Tornese in Morea in 1620 and served under the command of the Spanish Capitan-General, Pietro di Leyva, in destroying a Turkish fleet near Alexandria in 1621.

After completing his final caravan in 1622, the knight, styled the chevalier de Didonne, returned to France, serving the Grand Prior of the French langue Alexandre de Bourbon, the younger brother of the duc de Vendôme. In 1625, he travelled to Malta on behalf of chevalier de Vendôme to meet with the Grand Master of the Order, Antoine de Paule, returning to Paris at the end of the year.

The chevalier’s reputation is that of a skilled equestrian and swordsman; he practices regularly at the salle of the Signor Sapristi’s Fratellanza di Giganti.

Fra' Phillipe de Saint-Cassien, chevalier de Didonne

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