Jean de la Coste, sieur de la Coste

Ensign of the Scots Guards company


SR 8

Captaincy – Master


Born and raised on his family estate near Benon in Aunis, Jean de la Coste (b. 1601) is the youngest son of a family of eight. With little to inherit, the cadet La Coste elected to serve in the military, earning a billet in the ranks of the Scots Guards, the king’s own bodyguard in 1618. La Coste served during the Wars of the Mother and Son, distinguishing himself at the battle of Ponts-de-Cé and the subsequent campaign to Navarre in 1620. While La Coste is a committed Huguenot, he is loyal to the crown and served at Montauban and Montpellier in 1621 and 1622. In 1624, he was promoted to the rank of ensign of the Scots Guards.

La Coste is regarded as a competent and loyal soldier.

Jean de la Coste, sieur de la Coste

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