Achille de Châteaupers

Ensign of the King's Musketeers


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Descended from a former provost of Paris, Achille de Châteaupers (b. 1601) first served as a member of the French Guards, participating in the battle of Ponts-de-Cé in 1620, the sieges of Saint-Jean-d’Angély and Montauban in 1621, where he was decorated personally by the king, and the siege of Montpellier in 1622; he was gravely wounded in the leg during this last action.

Châteaupers joined the newly-formed King’s Musketeers at the end of 1622. Highly regarded by his superiors and well-respected by his men, Châteaupers was quickly promoted to ensign (subaltern) of the company by the end of 1624.

In 1625, Châteaupers married the lovely daughter, Henriette, of a magistrate of the Parisian Chambres des comptes following a two-year courtship. At the urging of his father-in-law, the Musketeer also became a member of The Black Cross.

Achille de Châteaupers

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