Martin le Bouquin

Parisian printer and bookseller


SR 4

Fine Manipulation – Master
French literacy – Master
Latin literacy – Master
Greek literacy – Master


Master of a Latin Quarter print shop specializing in texts for university students and the Abbaye de Saint Germain des Pres, Martin le Bouquin is a modest, reliable craftsman with a gift for languages — he is favored by many of the professors and scholars for his command of Latin and Greek, which reduces errors in the texts he prepares.

Martin (b. 1574) was widowed in 1614, and he did not remarry until 1622, when he wed the youngest daughter, Monette, of a Grenoble bookbinder of his acquaintance. Despite the great difference in their ages — she is twenty-nine years his junior — the couple appear happy as Martin dotes on his young bride in his quiet, unassuming way.

Martin le Bouquin

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