Giovanni Fassero

Piedmontese farmer


SR 3

Bargaining – Master
Husbandry – Master


Giovanni Fassero grew up the son of a prosperous farmer on the plains of Piedmont. Inheriting his family’s small estate, his thrift, wit, and energy allowed him to grow his holdings, becoming one of the largest landowners in the area, with lands, orchards, and herds of milky-white Piedmontee cattle greater than many of his noble neighbors.

Fassero is known as pious and generous. Though not of noble lineage himself, he is well respected by all who know him. He frequently speaks on behalf of the peasants to the nobles, and he is a member of a confraternity which donates dowries for poor girls, in order that they may find good marriages.

His wealth attracted a number of noble suitors for his only daughter. He lives on his estate with his wife Maria, his brother Guilio, and his many servants.

Fassero can ofte be found roaming his fields on foot, carrying an old blunderbus and accompanied by one or more of his hunting hounds.

Giovanni Fassero

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