Urbain de Foresta, chevalier de Saint-Sauvan

Black sheep of the Foresta family


Background: Nobleman
Advantage: Member of an Order (Noble Order)
Secret: xxxxx

Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Endurance 12
Wit 9
Charm 14
Luck 16
Height Build Encumbrance Value Fitness Jump Number HIT POINTS
Average Stocky 11 Average 1.5 13
SKILLS Base Attribute Value Checks
Carousing End 12
Etiquette Cha 14
Gambling Luc 16 √√
Horsemanship Dex 13
Fluency – Provençal Wit 9
MARTIAL SKILLS Expertise Checks Martial Training
French Style Dueling 12 Academy
Firearms 10 Academy
+ 3 rapier 15 skill points
WEAPONS Expertise Chance to Hit + Wpn Mod Damage Parry Wpn Str Checks
Rapier 15 12 + 2 = 14 2 / 2 / 4 / 2 13 (2)
Hat or cloak 14 n.a.
Brawling 3 4 var. special
ARMOR Types Dmg Saved
Head 0
Chest/Flank Padded doublet 1
R Arm Gauntlet 1
L Arm Gauntlet 1
R/L Legs Boots 1

ARMOR Weight

Position Yearly Pay Opening Promotion BrilManu
ORDER Order of Saint Jacques du Hault Pas Knight
INVESTMENTS Finance Investment Domestic Commerce Foreign Currency Property
1625 0 £ 0 £ 0 £ 0 £

Social Rank 9
Yearly Income 350 £
Expenses 324 £
Religion Roman Catholic
Title (if any) Chevalier
Special Holdings
Normal Taxes 62.5 £
Normal Tithes 90 £

457 £
Suit of fine clothing in blue and green silk
Padded doublet, sleeves, and breeches
Gauntlets and boots with spurs
Signet ring and knight’s collar
Rapier with scabbard and leather baldric
Set of dice and cards


The Forestas are a leading family of Provence, but Urbain de Foresta was born under a malign star, the son of a churchman who foreswore his vows and a merchant’s daughter. The Foresta elders attempted to force Urbain into the Church, but the young man refused; a settlement was reached whereby Urbain de Foresta would be permitted to enter the Order of Saint Jacques du Hault Pas instead, on condition that he would obseve the orders’ vows of chastity and poverty.

Taking the title of chevalier de Saint-Sauvan, Urbain de Foresta understands the intent of the conditions laid on him: he cannot father an heir, and he is not to ask the family for financial support. Neither stricture prevents the young knight, in his view, from consorting with courtesans and gamblers, which he does, regularly.

In September 1625, the chevalier was ambushed and killed by the bravo La Gautier in Marseille.

Urbain de Foresta, chevalier de Saint-Sauvan

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