Gianbattista di Onda

Player and founder of the Company of the Prince of Piedmont


SR 3

Etiquette – Master
Oratory – Master Superior
Disguise – Master Superior
Seduction – Master Superior
Italian style – Expert


Founder and leading player of the Compagnie du prince de Piémont, Onda is a handsome and charming performer, adept in both oratory and acrobatics. His usual roles are Arlecchino, Pedrolino, and il innamorato Leandro; during his time with an earlier troupe, he also played Capitano Spavento and Brighella.

He relentelessly promotes his troupe, securing performances before the dukes of Savoy, Montmorency, and Guise and the Cardinal Savoia in the search for a noble patron. Onda is rumored to be looking for a playwright as well, to produce original works for the actor and his troupe.

It is also rumored that Onda served for a short time as a mercenary in his youth.

Gianbattista di Onda

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