Giovanna Strenua

Maid to the viscontessa di Praz-de-Lys


SR 2

Bargaining – Master
Divination – Master


Giovanna Strenua served the di Spedi family, like her mother and her aunt before her, as a maidservant; she was given charge of the family’s eldest daughter, Lucrezia, from the time the girl was a baby, and remained in her lady’s service following her marriage to the vicomte de Praz-de-Lys.

Giovanna (b. 1555) was married as a young woman and raised a son; her husband died after falling from a roof in 1575, and her son was hanged as a horse thief in 1594.

The Montchèvre children refer to Giovanna as La Strega behind her back, and the viscontessa’s confessor, Don Paulo, lives in mortal fear of her, for Giovanna is a wise woman and fortune teller.

Giovanna Strenua

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