Guy Laplante

Marseillais fencing master


SR 7

Acrobatics – Master
Gambling – Master Superior
Seduction – Master

French Style – Master Superior
Brawling – Master


Master superior of the Scuola di Cavalcabo in Marseille, Guy Laplante is a Provençal native, born and raised in Brignoles. Laplante (b. 1595) left France at fifteen, joining a company of French mercenaries serving in the Stato da Màr . He lived in a Venice – as a bravo, it’s rumored – for a few years before returning to France in 1619.

He established the fencing school in 1621, and quickly attracted a regular clientele of young noblemen from the best families in Marseille. He is known as one of the few masters to fight with the case of rapiers.

Laplante is a notorious rake and gambler. It’s said that he enjoys the friendship of the Valbelles .

Guy Laplante

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