Hercule de Rohan-Montbazon, duc de Montbazon

Grand Huntsman of France and governor of Paris and the Île-de-France


SR 15

Captaincy – Master
Etiquette – Master
Bureaucracy – Master Superior


The seventh of fourteen children and a member of the illustrious sword noble family of Rohan, Hercule de Rohan-Montbazon, comte de Rocherfort, would serve three kings – Henri III, Henri IV, and the present king, Louis XIII – as a soldier, administrator, and courtier. Montbazon fought for the royal army against the Catholic League, most notably at the battle of Arques in 1589 and the siege of Amiens in 1597. He rode in the carriage with Henri IV when the king was assassinated in 1610, and was wounded attempting to protect the king by the regicide Ravaillac; he later led the procession for the king’s heart.

Elevated to the title of duc de Montbazon in 1589, he would be generously rewarded with royal offices for his loyal service – lieutenant-general in Bretagne and governor of Nantes in 1598, grand huntsman of France in 1602, lieutenant-general in Picardie and governor of Amiens in 1616, and governor and lieutenant-general in Île-de-France and governor of Paris in 1619. He was made a knight of the King’s orders – Saint Michael and the Holy Spirit – in 1597.

In 1594, Montbazon married Madeleine de Lenoncourt, and the couple produced two children: Louis, prince of Guéméné, in 1598 and Marie, duchesse de Luynes and later duchesse de Chevreuse, in 1600.

Montbazon is one of the most able and trusted courtiers in the kingdom.

Hercule de Rohan-Montbazon, duc de Montbazon

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