Vincent-Anne de Forbin-Maynier, baron d'Oppède

First president of the Parlement of Aix


SR 11

Magistracy – Master Superior

Oratory – Master Superior


Oppède (b. 1579) is the leading masgistrate of the high court of Provence, the Parlement d’Aix. Descended from a long and distinguished line of attorneys and magistrates, one of the important families of Provence, Oppède was installed as first president of the Parlement in 1621 through the machinations of the duc de Guise, the governor of Provence and Oppède’s patron.

Oppède’s first wife died after six years of marriage. He married again in 1613 to Aymare de Castellane, daughter of an old sword nobility family of Provence. They have three sons.

Vincent-Anne de Forbin-Maynier, baron d'Oppède

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