Signor Sapristi

Master Superior of the Fratellanza di Giganti


SR 7

Italian Style – Master Superior
Spanish Style – Master Superior
Brawling – Master
Acrobatics – Master


Alessandro Sapristi (b. 1597) was born in Piacenza, the son of a cloth merchant. He travelled to Venice in 1613 to become a mercenary aboard a galley, and following his service he became a student of the Venetian master Nicoletto Giganti. In 1620, he departed Venice for France, whereupon he opened his own salle d’armes which he named for his former master.

The Fratellanza di Giganti became one of the most popular fencing fraternities in Paris, attracting many students, allowing Signor Sapristi to mix with the city’s aristocrats. In 1623 he was briefly interned in the Bastille following the death of a French nobleman, but several witnesses testified before the provost-martial that the nobleman attacked Sapristi, and he was released.

Rumors swirl around Sapristi, alleging that he was forced to leave Parma and Piacenza for unspecified crimes, and that he duels in place of his students in order to insure the deadly reputation of his school.

Signor Sapristi

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