Longarm with a bell-shaped muzzle for firing small shot

weapon (ranged)
Item Price Weight
Blunderbuss 50 £ / 68 £ / 100 £ 2

Prices shown are for matchlock, flintlock, and wheellock versions of the weapon.

Weapon Close 0-4m Short 4-8m Medium 8-24m Long 24-48m Far >48m
Blunderbuss +4 +1 -6

The blunderbuss does general damage to its target, similar to a grenade. Damage is 4 points at close range, 2 points at short range, and 0 points at medium range. The weapon is ineffective beyond medium range.

At close range a blunderbuss hits a single human-sized target. At short range the weapon strikes up to two human-sized figures, or a man and a horse, within one meter of one another. At medium range the blunderbuss may strike up to two additional targets within one meter of the original target.

The blunderbuss is typically loaded with shot, but it may also be loaded with scrap iron or small rocks. The latter may cause damage to the barrel, however; a blunderbuss loaded with scrap or gravel fumbles on a roll of 19 or 20, like a hand cannon, and one is added to the fumble roll.


The blunderbuss is a muzzle-loading firearm with a short, large caliber barrel, which is flared at the muzzle, and loaded with shot, rocks, or scrap iron. Barrels are made of steel or brass. The muzzle is flared to funnel powder and shot into the weapon, making it easier to reload on horseback or on a moving carriage. This makes the blunderbuss a popular weapon with cavalrymen and coach guards. It is also used for hunting fowl.


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