Flemish draft horse


Poor to Excellent draft horse


History shows that Brabants are direct descendants of the “Great Horse” of medieval times. The Brabant is native to Flanders. This region is blessed with fertile soil and abundant rainfall, providing thrifty Flemish farmers with the excellent pastures and the hay and grain necessary to develop a heavy, powerful breed of horse.

Flanders lies in the very center of that area of Western Europe that gave rise to the large black horses known as Flemish horses and referred to as the “Great Horses” by medieval writers. They are the horses that carried armored knights into battle. Such horses were known to exist in that part of Europe in the time of Caesar. Brabant stallions from Flanders are exported to many other parts of Europe for breeding large, strong draft horses.

The Brabant usually exceeds 16 hands in height and very often exceeds 18 hands. It is a docile horse and a willing worker. Its color is usually chestnut or roan with white or blonde mane, tail and points. Its weight averages between 1800 and 2000 pounds, but may reach up to 2400 pounds in exceptional examples.


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