Bretagne draft horse


Poor to Excellent draft horse


The Breton originated in the province of Bretagne in the northwest of France. A demanding climate and land of rather poor quality characterizes this area. Such an environment contributed to the creation of a horse possessing qualities of great strength and durability. Brittany has a history of breeding distinguished horses, which goes back to the Middle Ages. The Breton horse is the result of evolution over hundreds of years, and a long period of selection carried out by breeders from old varieties of native horses.

Horses have been present in the Bretagne mountains for thousands of years. During the time of the Crusades the Breton horse became sought after by military leaders, in part due to its comfortable gait. Breton horses are the primary stock animal sent to New France.

The Breton is chestnut or chestnut roan often with flaxen mane and tail, on occasion bay or bay roan will be seen. A square head, strong, short neck, wide back, and short muscular legs mark the breed. A Breton stands fourteen hands.


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