Case of Rapiers

Matched rapiers

weapon (melee)
Item Price Weight
Case of Rapiers 50 £ 3

The case of rapiers must be commissioned from a master swordsmith and takes one year to produce.

Characters with French Style fencing may use the case of rapiers.

Fighting with the case of rapiers is tiring; characters using the case of rapiers are treated as using a polearm for purposes of fatigue (core rules, section 4.71, p. 18-9).


The case of rapiers is a matched pair of rapiers carried in the same scabbard, used in a two-sword fighting style. The study of this method of fencing is recommended by masters such as Marozzo, di Grassi, and others, for the reason that it is difficult, and is, moreover, very little understood, possibly giving the swordsman a surprise advantage.

Case of Rapiers

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