Shot-firing pistol

weapon (ranged)
Item Price Weight
Dragon 32 £ / 48 £ / 72 £ 1

Prices are for matchlock, flintlock, and wheellock versions of the weapon.

Weapon Close 0-4m Short 4-8m Medium 8-24m Long 24-48m Far >48m
Dragon +4 +1

The dragon does general damage to its target, similar to a grenade. Damage is 3 points at close range and 1 point at short range. The weapon is ineffective beyond short range.

Unlike a blunderbuss, a dragon only hits a single target at either range.

The dragon is typically loaded with shot, but it may also be loaded with scrap iron or small rocks. The latter may cause damage to the barrel, however; a blunderbuss loaded with scrap or gravel fumbles on a roll of 19 or 20, like a hand cannon, and two is added to the fumble roll.


The dragon is the pistol-length equivalent of the blunderbuss. It is a popular sidearm with soldiers and sailors.


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