Improvised mine

weapon (ranged)

A fougasse is treated as a 6 point grenade, but unlike a grenade, damage is directional, affecting an area to 30 degrees on either side of a line drawn from the fougasse.

Frequently unreliable due to moisture infiltrating the charge, the fougasse works on a roll 1, 2, or 3 on 1D6.

Setting the fougasse requires a successful Artillerist or Grenadier skill check.


Known since at least the sixteenth century, the fougasse is an improvised mine consisting of a hole dug in the ground packed with powder and stones. It is fired by means of a fuse known as a saucisson consisting of a cloth or leather tube waterproofed with pitch and filled with black powder. A snaphance, similar to the mechanism of a flintlock, may be used to light the saucisson ; the mechanism is released by a string, making it safer for the firer than a torch or slow-match.


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