Hand Mortar

Grenade launcher

weapon (ranged)
Item Price Weight
Hand Mortar 120 £ 3

The hand mortar is a matchlock weapon. Flintlock and wheellock versions may be produced by Master gunsmiths at two to three times the cost, at the Gamemaster’s discretion.

Weapon Close 0-4m Short 4-8m Medium 8-24m Long 24-48m Far >48m
Hand Mortar _ +1 0 -4 -8

A hand mortar is used to deliver a 4 point grenade. Hand mortars fumble on a roll of 19 or 20; fumbles for hand mortars are resolved on the Fumbles with Grenade table.


Hand mortars are used to throw grenades over obstructions such as walls or earthworks. Originally developed in the 16th century, they remain nearly as dangerous to the firer as the target and are not widely used.

Hand Mortar

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