Berber horses reknowned for their stamina and spirit


Good to Superb quality riding horse – roughly one-in-ten Superb quality Barbs may be trained as cavalry horses


Developed on the Barbary Coast of North Africa, the Barb (le cheval barbe) is a desert horse with great hardiness and a fiery temperament. It has a powerful front end, high withers, short back, a sloping, narrow croup, and carries its tail low. It is hardy, with clean legs, and small, round, sound hooves. It does not have particularly good gaits, but gallops like a sprinter.

It usually is gray, but bay, black, chestnut, and brown horses are also found. The Barb stands 13.3-14.1 hands high.

Barbs are featured mounts at Antoine de Pluvinel’s Académie d’Équitation in Paris.


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