Twelve Apostles

Powder-and-shot bandolier

Item Price Weight
Twelve Apostles 8 £ 1

If a character suffers a fumble while using an arquebus or musket loaded from a twelve apostles bandolier, the weapon is less likely to explode; if the fumble roll indicated an explosion, re-roll once and apply the result.


The twelve apostles are wooden powder flasks suspended by a cord from a leather bandolier worn by musketeers or arquebusiers. The number carried may vary from ten to fifteen, but a common configuration is seven flasks in front and five in back, for a total of twelve. Each flask contains a premeasured amount of black powder, suitable for a single shot. The bandolier also comes with a small leather priming flask and a pouch for holding shot.

The apostles facilitate reloading on the battlefield, reducing the risk of over- or undercharging the weapon.

Twelve Apostles

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