Forearm armor

Item Price Weight
Vambrace 12 £ ½
Armor Location(s) Protected Damage Saved
Vambrace Left arm 2 points

A vambrace may be worn over a gauntlet for additional protection. A buckler may be attached to the arm protected by a vambrace, but it may not be used for parrying while the vambrace is worn.

A leather version of the vambrace, called a bracer, may be purchased; the bracer costs 8 £ and saves one point of damage. Bracers are commonly worn by archers to protect their arms from the bowstring.

The hand protected by a vambrace may not be used to hold a parrying weapon.


Vambraces protect the forearm and hand of the wearer. Their use extends back to antiquity. The contemporary vambrace is a vestige of the plate armor developed in the 14th century.

Vambraces are typically worn by cavalry troopers to protect the hand holding the horse’s reins, which are vulnerable to attacks on the battlefield.


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