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    Players are encouraged to roll 3D6 in order to determine their characters starting attribute values. If the sum of the attribute points is less than 60, then a player made add points until the total equals sixty. Players may swap attribute points


    Players must select a starting age for their characters. If a player prefers to generate the characters age randomly, roll 3D6 and add twelve, for a range of fifteen to thirty years of age, for a character with the Gentleman background or 2D6 and


    This skill represents skill in the diagnosis and treatment of internal illnesses. A character with the Physician skill is trained in techniques as bloodletting, fire cupping, and administering emetics. A physician may heal general damage only

  • Special Attacks

    Horses always take general damage. A horses hit points and speed vary by type and quality.

    Type of Horse


    A characters Movement Value is the sum of his Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance scores; deduct 2 for Stocky characters. In the table below find in which range the characters movement value falls; that column

  • The Parry

    (h) Polearm Parry Using Two-handed Sword
    Polearms may not be blocked by dueling weapons, with the exception of the two-handed sword. A character with the Polearms martial skill may attempt to parry and break an attackers polearm. The


    A character is considered Master or Master Superior of a fencing style when the character is a master of all of the weapons included in that style. For example, a character who wishes to a Master of French Style dueling must become a Master with the

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