About Flashing Blades

"It was a question of honor, and honor was always foremost in the minds of the men who strode through the age of the Sun King. A deserted courtyard on the edge of Paris was the stage on which they met with . . . Flashing Blades."

Released in 1984 by Fantasy Games Unlimited, Flashing Blades drew inspiration from tabletop skirmish games like En Garde! and Rapier and Dagger as well as the stories of Dumas, Sabatini, Orczy, and Weyman.

Flashing Blades emulates both cinematic and literary swashbuckling tales, offering a fast and deadly fencing system and skills such as Acrobatics and Horsemanship as well as career advancement in the Ancien Régime of 17th century France. A character may start off as a simple soldier or chevalier and end up the master of a fencing school, a bishop of the Holy Church, a marshal of the army, or a royal minister in the service of the king.

The "compleat" Flashing Blades consists of five books: the core rules, an expansion supplement ( High Seas ) covering piracy and shipboard action, an adventure path ( An Ambassador’s Tales ), and two collections of short adventures ( The Cardinal’s Peril and Parisian Adventures ).

Flashing Blades maintains a small but dedicated following among roleplaying gamers. The system is frequently recommended on gaming forums for those looking for a system for swashbuckling adventures. An active Flashing Blades Yahoo group publishes new and variant rules and offers tips on running and playing the game. The game is still in print and may be purchased directly from FGU.

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About Flashing Blades

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