The table of titles is revised as follows:

Roll Title (and bonus yearly allowance)
1-7 Baron (+ 100 £)
8-13 Viscount (+ 250 £)
14-17 Count (+ 500 £)
18-19 Marquis (+ 750 £)
20 Duke or Prince (+ 1000 £)

On a roll of 20, roll 1D6: on a roll of 1-4, the character is a duke, on a roll of 5-6, the character is a prince.

A character receiving the title of Prince must roll a second time; the character’s social rank is
equal to that of the second title rolled (e.g., a character receives Prince as a title; the second roll is a ten, giving the character a beginning social rank of 11).

Contact, Favor, and Secret Loyalty
Each of these Advantages and Secret come with a Social Rank attached, reflecting the position in society of the person to whom the adventurer is connected. To determine the Social Rank for a Contact, roll 1D6+1; to determine the Social Rank for a Favor or a Secret Loyalty, roll 2D6.

A character with the Nobleman background who takes the Land advantage and receives a country estate or chateau gains the title “sieur.” On a roll of 6+ on 1D6 (+1 if the land is a chateau), the character gains the title “seigneur”; this entitles the character to exercise the powers of a magistrate over the character’s land. A seigneur is Social Rank 9.

Member of an Order
Roll a D6 to determine to which type of order or club a character belongs. Gentlemen subtract one from the die roll; Noblemen add one to the die roll.
| Roll | Type of Order or Club (and Bonus Income) |
| 0-2 | Gentlemen’s Club (+ 25 £) |
| 3-4 | Noble Order (+ 50 £) |
| 5-6 | Military Order (+ 0 £) |
| 7 | Royal Order (+ 100 £) |

There are three additional advantages.

Any character may choose to own an heirloom. The heirloom is usually a weapon such as a sword, but may also be a horse, a hunting animal like a falcon or hound, a special weapon (section 7.12 Special Weapons, p. 41), or an exotic item (Parisian Adventures, pp 14-15). The heirloom is usually of high quality. The heirloom is received at no cost to the character, but if it is damaged or lost, it is not replaced.

Good Name
Any character may choose to have a good name. The character with a good name comes from a distinguished family. Anyone the character meets who is likely to know of the character’s family and reputation will be favorably predisposed toward the character. A character with a Good Name recieves a + 1 on rolls for position and promotion. A character who acts ignominiously in the course of the game may sully his good name, losing this advantage at the Gamemaster’s discretion.

Member of a Guards Company
Any Gentleman or Nobleman may choose to be a member of a Guards company. The character gains admission to a company of the Guards of the maison militaire du roi. This advantage is required for a character who wishes to begin the game as a member of the King’s Musketeers, Cent-Suisse, Cardinal’s Guard, Chevau-légers, Scottish Guards, or other company, as specified in the house rules for section 5.32 The Royal Army (qv). A character without this advantage must be of gentle or noble birth and decorated on campaign to be permitted to roll for entry to a Guards or Horse Guards company.

There are two additional secrets.

Debt of Honor
Any character may choose a debt of honor. Characters who owe a debt of honor must repay a favor to an NPC. The nature of the favor, and the timing and means by which it must be repaid, are left to the player and the Gamemaster. Once the debt is repaid, this secret no longer applies to the character. (Note: Debit of Honor is to Favor as Secret Loyalty is to Contact, i.e., one-shot v. continuing.)

Ill Favored
Any character may choose to be ill favored. The ill favored character suffers from a poor reputation. Anyone the character meets who is likely to know the character’s reputation will be unfavorably predisposed toward the character. A character who is Ill Favored suffers a – 1 penalty on all rolls for position or promotion. A character who redeems his name and reputation over time may remove this secret, at the discretion of the Gamemaster.


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