Albigensian Crusade – thirteenth century crusade against the Cathars in present-day Languedoc

Ban et l’arrière ban – summons to war by a lord to his vassals

Barbe – Berber horse

Blunderbuss – Longarm with a bell-shaped muzzle for firing small shot

Bon Français – political faction hostile to the Habsburgs

Camera dei Conti – Piedmontese fiscal court

Canon – member of a cathedral or collegiate chapter

Catholic League – alliance of fanatical Catholics during the Wars of Religion

Chapter – a clerical corporation of priests serving a bishop or other prelate

Confraternity – a lay religious association for promoting acts of charity or piety

Council of Trent – 16th century Roman Catholic ecumenical council

Dean – president of a chapter

Dérogeance – prohibition on the nobility from engaging in commerce

Dévots – faction of devout French Catholics

Dragoon – mounted arquebusier

Edict of Nantes – royal edict of 1598 granting freedom of conscience to French Protestants

Estates General – the representative assembly of the kingdom of France

Gallicanism – the belief that the authority of the French state over the Church in France is comparable to that of the Pope

Grands – the great nobles of France

Huguenot – French Protestant

In commendam – a Church title held as an ecclesiatical benfice

Lantern shield – Unusual combination weapon combining a buckler, gauntlet, lantern, and sword

Lettre de cachet – royal orders signed by the King and carrying his seal

Lombard banker – pawnbroker

Noblesse d’epee – the sword nobility, the traditional military elite of France

Noblesse de robe – the robe nobility, the emerging bureaucratic elite of France

Paris Archers – guards of the Provost of Paris

Parlement – the chief law courts of the kingdom of France

Peerage of France – noblemen and prelates considered to be equal to the monarch in honor

Portuguese merchant – Marrano living in France

Prince étranger – heir of a foreign sovereign resident in France

Regular – a priest who is a member of a religious order; a monk

Secrete – small iron skullcap

Secular – a priest who is not a member of a religious order

Senato – the high courts of Savoy

Stato da Màr – the Venetian colonies

Tercio – Spanish infantry regiment

Ultramontanism – the belief that Papal authority supercedes local political and spiritual authorities

Vieille Alliance – the traditional alliance between Scotland and France from 1295 to 1560


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