House Rules

Flashing Blades core rules

3.1 ATTRIBUTES (p. 4) – increase total attribute points to sixty; alternate ability score method

3.2 BACKGROUND (p. 4) – starting age; home province for nobles and gentlemen

3.3 CHOOSING SKILLS (p. 5) – new skills by background

3.41 General Skills (p. 6) – descriptions of new skills

3.51 Expertise in Martial Skills (p. 9) – new skills

3.6 ADVANTAGES AND SECRETS (p. 9) – new and revised Advantages and Secrets

3.72 Outfitting (p. 12) – starting equipment; additional equipment

4.2 TURN SEQUENCE (p. 14) – revised rules for movement; new rules: jumping

4.33 Missle Weapon Attacks (p. 15-6) – range modifiers for blunderbuss

4.41 The Parry (p. 17) – using two-handed sword to parry polearms

4.53 Weapon Damage (p. 17-8) – damage for lantern shield and blunderbuss

4.54 Armor (p. 18) – damage deflection by lantern shield

4.74 Special Attacks (p. 19-20) – revised rules for horses’ hit points and movement; new rules: horse quality, training, and traits

5.21 The Social Scale (pp. 22-3) – revised Social Scale

5.3 THE MILITARY (p. 23) – new rules: mercenaries and adventurers, militia service, and the ban et l’arrière ban

5.31 Enlisting (pp. 23-4) – Marksmen and Grenadiers, enlisting in the maison militaire

5.32 The Royal Army (p. 24) – revised regiment list

5.33 The Ranks (pp. 24-6) – revised ranks and duties

5.35 Personal Results of Campaign (pp. 278) – revised decorations and knighthoods

5.4 THE CLERGY (p. 30) – new rules: confraternities

5.43 Positions within the Clergy (pp. 30-1) – revised position descriptions; new position: canon

5.51 Introduction (p. 32) – new rule: venality of office

5.52 Entering the Bureaucracy (p. 32) – position description

5.53 Ranks and Positions in the Bureaucracy (pp. 32-4) – revised ranks and positions, position descriptions

5.62 Orders (p. 36) – new orders and ranks

5.8 THE NOBILITY (p. 38) – new rules: courtiers, offices of the king’s household

5.82 Advancement within the Nobility (p. 38) – Archduke and Grand Duke removed from noble titles; new ranks: Peer and Foreign Prince

5.9 FENCING SCHOOLS (p. 38) – Mastery of a fencing style; guild masters

High Seas campaign supplement

2.3 NEW SKILLS (p. 2) – Wit or Dexterity as base attribute for Seamanship

2.6.3 Monetary Conversions (p. 4) – additional currencies

3.3 SPECIAL SITUATIONS (p. 5) – Acrobatics replaces Seamanship with respect to swimming and drowning

6.1 SHIP CONSTRUCTION (p. 14-15) – revised ship rules, new ships: galleys

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House Rules

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