Multiple Advantages and Secrets

Sometimes a character concept is too involved to create using just one Advantage or Secret. With approval from the gamemaster, a player may select multiple Advantages and Secrets during character creation.

Characters must possess an even ratio of Advantages to Secrets or lose twice the number of skill points for taking only an Advantage; characters with more than one Secret only gain one additional skill point.

Two examples of characters with multiple Advantages and Secrets follow; this is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list and players are encouraged to think creatively in developing their

The Libertine
The Libertine is a dissolute, debauched character, usually of high social status – only those of sufficient wealth and rank can hope to hold the ire of the Church and the crown at bay while indulging their vices. A Libertine is usually a character of Nobleman background, with the Advantages of a Title and Wealth or Land and the Compulsive Gambler and Don Juan Secrets. Such a character lives for indulgence; this character may, at the gamemaster’s discretion, be or become Ill Favored as a consequence of his lifestyle.

The Dispossessed
The Dispossessed character may be a Nobleman or Gentleman, the heir of a family once possessing the Advantages of Title, Land, or Wealth; however, some event in the family’s past — an act of treason or betrayal, hersesy and excommunication, or the like — caused those Advantages to be lost, to the Church, to the Crown, or to the machinations of a rival. Now the character is Ill Favored and pursing Sworn Vengeance against the person or persons who dispossessed him of his birthright; in order to regain the advantages, the character must regain favor and perhaps discredit or kill the rival who brought these events to past.

Multiple Advantages and Secrets

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