Special Attacks

Horses always take general damage. A horse’s hit points and speed vary by type and quality.

Type of Horse Base Price Hit Points Trot Speed Gallop Speed
Draft 100 £ 20 + 2D6 10 m 22 m
Riding 160 £ 16 + 2D6 12 m 24 m
Cavalry 200 £ 18 + 2D6 12 m 24 m
Quality Price Hit Points Trotting Speed Gallop Speed
Poor -50% – 1D6 – 2 m – 4 m
Good + 100% + 1D6 – 2 + 4 m + 4 m
Excellent + 200% + 1D6 – 2 + 6 m + 8 m
Superb + 400% + 1D6 + 8 m + 16 m

Draft horses are used to pull plows, carts, wagons, and carriages; they are slower but stronger than riding horses. Excellent draft horses are scarce and Superb draft horses are extremely rare; the Gamemaster will determine the availability of Excellent and Superb quality draft horses should a character wish to purchase them.

Riding horses are the horses most often used for transportation by members of the nobility and the affluent bourgeoisie; a riding horse may be pressed into service as a draft animal in order to pull a cart of a carriage, but riding horses used in this way may only trot, not run. Riding horses may not wear barding.

Cavalry horses are trained to withstand the rigors of the battlefield; they may wear barding and do not shy or startle at loud noises or strong odors. Cavalry horses are never less than Fair quality. Cavalry horses ridden by cuirassiers and gendarmes wear barding which reduces damage from attacks by two; horses ridden by carabiniers wear barding which reduces damage by one. Dragoons are mounted on riding horses, not cavalry horses. If the Royal Army is on campaign, cavalry horses will be scarce; the Gamemster will determine the availability of cavalry horses for purchase.

Special Attacks

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