Laurent du Grenniers, seigneur de Lamoye

Lieutenant of the Cardinal's Guard


SR 10

Captaincy – Master
Strategy – Master

French Style – Expert


Raised on his family’s estate in Bretagne, Laurent du Grenniers (b. 1596) captained a company of musketeers in the Normandy Regiment during the campaigns against the Huguenots in 1621 and 1622. Lamoye accepted a commission in the Cardinal’s Guard in 1624, serving as the company’s lieutenant.

Readily recognizible by his blond hair, twirled mustache, and neatly-groomed goatee, the tall, lean Lamoye is considered a rising star in the service of the Cardinal, marked out for the highest favor and honor.

Laurent du Grenniers, seigneur de Lamoye

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