Monette le Bouquin

Wife of a Parisian bookseller


SR 4


Monette is the youngest daughter of a Grenoblois bookbinder; she attended a convent school in the city, and her father expected her to become a religious, but she demurred at taking vows. A family friend, a middle-aged widower named Martin le Bouquin, offered to marry the girl while accepting a very modest dowry, which satisfied her father. Monette (b. 1602) joined her new husband in Paris, settling in to their print shop in the Latin Quarter.

She is acutely aware of the difference in ages — she is twenty-nine years her husbands’ junior — but Martin is courteous and unassuming, and she feels affection and respect for the learned printer. Monette assist Martin in running the busy print shop.

Monette le Bouquin

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