Henri II duc de Rohan

Leader of the Huguenot forces in France


SR 15

Captaincy – Master

Strategy – Master Superior


Rohan (b. 1579) inherited the title of vicomte de Rohan after his older brother died in childhood. At the age of sixteen Rohan moved to court and served as a soldier in the brief war against Spain; he was a favorite of King Henri IV. After the war ended, Rohan travelled across Europe; he was called “my knight” by Queen Elizabeth I of England and stood as godfather to Charles, the future Prince of Wales.

He was made a duke and a peer in 1603, and continued to serve as colonel-general of the cavalry and one of the premier commanders of the royal army. However, after the assassination of Henri IV in 1610, Rohan drifted into opposition over confessional matters, finally entering open revolt against the king in 1620. He successfully battled the royal forces and secured a peace agreement with the king that left the Hugenot strongholds in southwestern France intact. Many of the dévot faction would like to see Rohan drawn and quartered for treason, fearing his martial prowess, but the king is reluctant to prosecute one of France’s most successful generals and risk inciting further rebellion on the part of the Huguenots.

His younger brother is the duc de Soubise.

Henri II duc de Rohan

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