Rowed warship


Hull Hit Points 25
Rigging Hit Points 15
Speed 2 (Dash 5)
Handling 4
Size 2
Maximum crew 330
Cargo 4 tons
Maximum armament -

  • four long guns in each broadside
  • four chasers
  • two stern guns

Galley are swift rowed warships with shallow drafts. They are ideal for landing troops on beaches, and they are used by navies and the military orders to patrol and by corsairs to capture ships and raid coastal towns. Galleys may carry up to one hundred marines but rarely carry more than fifty during normal operations.

Rowers on galleys may be free men, but more often they are slaves or convicts.

Galleys suffer from severe limitations in cruising range due to the high demand for water and other supplied for the large crews and the lack of cargo storage. Fleets of galleys usually operate in conjunction with a merchantman or carrack to haul supplied for the galleys.


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