Angoumois is bordered by Poitou to the north, Limousin to the east, Guyenne to the south, and Saintonge to the east.

The provincial terrain is marked by hills of no significant height, with the exception of the hill on which the provincial capital, Angoulême, is located. The climate is warm and the soil produces large quantities of grapes and other fruit as well as wheat; the province produces wine, but it is best known for its brandy, particularly from the town of Cognac, and its pineau, a blend of wine and brandy. Several small mines producing quality iron ore are present in the province. Angoumois is a major producer and exporter of high-quality paper.

The province of Angoumois is jointly administered with Saintonge; the governor of the provinces is served by a lieutenant for Angoumois and Saintonge, and a royal governor is present at Cognac.

Cities, Towns, and Fortresses

  • Angoulême – the provincial capital
  • Cognac

The Landscape


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