The small province of Béarn is bordered to the north and east by Gascogne, to the south by the Pyrenees Mountains and the Kingdom of Spain, and to the west by Basse-Navarre.

A warm, dry, mountainous province, the valleys provides sufficient soil to support wheat and flax fields, while the hillsides are given over to vineyards and pastures; in addition to cattle, the Béarnaise raise small, tough horses which they trade across the border with Spanish Basques. Forests provide timber for ship building and iron, copper, and lead mines are worked as well.

Outside of the towns few speak French, Provençal and Basque being the two most common tongues heard among the inhabitants.

The provincial governor is served by a lieutenant-general.

Cities, Towns, and Fortresses

  • Pau – the provincial capital

The Landscape

  • La Gave-Béarnois


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