La Croix Jaune

Founded in 1582 by students and deans from the University of Toulouse, La Croix Jaune (The Yellow Cross) is situated near the Saint-Sernin basilica. The club continues to be a haven for academics as well as the merchants who cater to them, such as printers and booksellers. The club is reputed to attract iconoclasts and libertines, which earns it the ire of the members of the Club Saint Louis.

The club is simply appointed, with reasonable food and a well-stocked cellar. The club features a noteworthy library, donated by a former member, stocked with volumes on Roman history and husbandry. Gambling is a popular diversion, with a table limit of 100 £. Saucy tarts mingle among the members.

The members of La Croix Jaune come from the merchants, deans, and students of Toulouse; the club also attracts a number of robe nobles and lesser bureaucrats. Members may be identified by a small gold cross of Fourqualqier pinned to a doublet or robe.

The governors of La Croix Jaune includes three chefs du club, two treasurers, three secretaries – one of whom is assigned as the club librarian – and a number of managers. Annual dues are 10 £.

La Croix Jaune

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