Le Drapeau Italien

The most prestigious gentleman’s club in Grenoble, Le Drapeau Italien (The Italian Flag) was established in 1600 near the Place des Cordeliers. The club takes its name from a Manutan battle standard seized by the seigneur de Bayard in the service of King Charles VII at the Battle of Fornovo in 1495; the standard, which hangs proudly in the main hall, is a treasured artifact of the club.

The club is elegantly appointed and stocks the finest libations and comestibles available in Grenoble. Gambling stakes are high at the tables of Le Drapeau Italien, with a minimum bet of 100 £ and no limit. Haughty courtesans adorn the slashed sleeves of the gentilhommes circulating among gaming tables and private salons.

Members of Le Drapeau Italien are predominately sword nobles, magistrates serving in the many courts of Grenoble. Many Huguenots are numbered among its members. A gold and black sash worn over one shoulder marks a member of the club; the sash is typically worn only when attending a club function.

The governors of Le Drapeau Italien include three chefs du club, two to three treasurers, three to four secretaries, and several managers. Dues are 40 £ per year.

Members of Le Drapeau Italien share reciprocal privileges with L’Épée du Grand Henri in Paris.

Le Drapeau Italien

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