The Jeweled Mitre

The Jeweled Mitre is located very near the Palais Comtal in Aix. Established in 1603, the club was founded by members of the chapter of the Cathédrale Saint Saveur.

The club is richly appointed, featuring a valuable collection of furnishings donated by various members over the years. The cooks of the Jeweled Mitre are reputed to be among the best in Aix and the club includes a well-stocked wine cellar – spirits are not served, however. A few gambling tables are located in a small salon and a 150 £ table limit is strictly observed; cheating is dealt with harshly by the archbishop’s diocesan tribunal. An wealthy procuress arranges discreet feminine companionship for members.

The members of the Jeweled Mitre come from the first and second estates of France, including clergy from both Aix and Avignon and the many robe and sword nobles of the provincial capital. A smaller umber of wealthy bourgeoisie and officials of the realm are also welcomed. The members are uniformly Catholic, often with ultramontane sympathies. Club officers are almost always members of the cathedral chapter. Members may wear a small jeweled pin in the shape of a bishop’s mitre.

The governors consist of a premier chef and three chefs du club, with two treasurers and two secretaries. A small number of managers assist with the day-to-day operation of the club. Annual dues are 25 £.

Members of the Jeweled Mitre enjoy reciprocal privileges with the Fellows of Saint George in Paris.

The Jeweled Mitre

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