Touraine is known as the Garden of France (jardin de France) for its temperate climate, its many rivers, including the Loire and the Vienne, and its ample forests. In addition to a wide variety of agricultural products, the Tourainois produce quantities of cloth, leather, and silk from factories in the provincial towns.

Through the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the French monarchs frequently resided in Touraine, a duchy of the royal domaine.

Touraine is bordered to the north by Normandie, to the east by Berry, to the south by Poitou, and to the west by Anjou.

The government of Touraine includes the governor and lieutenant-general and governors for the towns of Amboise, Beaulieu, and Chinon.

Cities, Towns, and Villages

  • Tours – the provincial capital
  • Amboise
  • Beaulieu
  • Chinon

The Landscape


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